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Monday, July 4, 2016


seems the holiday celebrations started a day early this year----lovely-----for years a vet---nam ---has sat out in front---by the gate----twice a year----the fourth and n ew years eve----don't know who he is---he doesn't say much---just sits with his blanket-----it is loud here tonight---headed out to hay up the old horse and there he was
i did not know you were here--let me get some tea
it's ok
no i have it--and garlic bread--right?
thank you
i heated the frozen bread and brought it out
thank you---this old cat is hangin around mind if he sits with me
let me get him some food
our national celebration should include everyone----mostly our vets---our vets who fought for our freedoms-----somehow we seem to have forgotten them------
ptsd is real
blessings y gracias to all who do what they do for all of us

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