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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Somewhere in the Rabbit Hole by Peno Hardesty

evening of the solstice---soon to stand beneath the magic moon---butterflies still surround the pond and of course the snakes still slither about in the weeds----ancestors join around a fire and speak of us---we used to be the future but now we are the present----the future waits and ----watches----high in the oak sits a hawk over there in a pine is an owl----we gather together on this solstice evening
we gather to ask guidance from the ancestors
we gather to ask wisdom from nature
we gather to seek strength in solidarity
i stand alone at the treeline---weeping
the senate has failed to pass even one measure that would address gun violence---
i am ashamed to stand before the future
someone loves enough
someone believes enough
-take my hand---
help me to join the others and fight

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