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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time and Faith

As the hand of time moves from 11 to 12 I state the faith that has given me comfort through all the years of my life.

Goddess is not within or outside of the world. Nor is She of the world. Goddess is the world. She is infinity and cannot be fully understood by the finite. When we speak of Goddess we speak of everything - the sun, the moon, each other, music, poetry. She is the purest energy of life which She gives and takes in the fullness of time. The earth is Her body on which we are nurtured. Her breath is the air we breathe. Her spirit is the fire that warms us. Her blood is the water of life. Yes, the Great Crone Goddess, Hecate, often brings our shadow from the dark side of the moon. Insisting that we own it, take its power and turn it to the best we can give. Thus She is day and night, light and dark. The Witch fears neither side, but is only happy to be in Her presence.

It is not possible in 2012 or any other man-made year that the world and time will end. Goddess will have no end as She had no beginning.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Yule Blessing

Far above the city in a canyon of stone,
Among Pine, Fur and Spruce I stand alone,
Snow covered peaks soar high above,
Dazzling moonlight covers them with the Goddess’ love.

In a sacred place I clear snow from stone,
Preparing my Yule log to welcome the Crone,
In red and gold, fire radiates the Goddess’ love,
Snapping and dance sending sparks high above.

Starlight in a Pine illuminates a patch white as stone,
I realize suddenly that I am not alone,
As the fire grows brighter I see high above,
A white Owl, courier of wisdom and the Goddess’ love.

Graceful as the Aspen a deer suddenly emerges from stone,
Antlers glittering in the silver moonlight, he stands proud and alone,
Stag of myth and Lord of legend object of the Goddess’ love,
Stepping forward slowly he glances toward the moon above.

Mountain cat drifts forward stealthily casting shadows on stone,
In power and courage she stands majestically silent and alone,
Living with perfect dignity in the mountains high above,
Her beauty and independence symbols of the Goddess’ love.

Sadly I whisper to the noble ones in the canyon of stone,
Dear friends, I have no gifts to offer you I am poor and alone,
The only thing I can share with you is the Goddess’ love,
Like you I have nothing but the Earth below and the Moon above.

A voice unfathomable as eternity ricochets off the canyon of stone,
You are my daughter; you are never poor or alone,
The wild ones came to be with you and share My love,
To join you in ritual and worship under the stars above.

The Goddess commands the stars from the canyon of stone,
Down they fall onto the tree branches in clusters and alone,
It is Yule my children and you shall feast in My love,
You shall find your gifts by the light of the moon above.

. . . from “In Devotion to the Crone,” Graveyard Publishing