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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


come---walk with me---see what i see----life-----some fly and some flow---others walk on two legs and some on four legs---some of us stand with roots in the ground---life---all of us carbon based---all of us needing one another---we are life and we need not fear one another---we are life and no one of us is supreme---we are life----our diversity must not separate us but rather enlighten us----we are life

one heartbeat of one creation under one creator

Good Morning Good People by Jackie B. Steele

Yes, Frost, this peri-dawn.
Transitioning to dew.

The Sun has risen and is starting to warm the Earth. She resonates with waves of loving conclusions here in the North, & initiations of Spring in the far South.

We have been swapping produce and preserves. Cleaning Hummer feeders and replacing them with suet feeders. Doing what we can outdoors before freeze up. Now the Apples will be sweeter, the cold night changes the sugars. Thinking about apple crisp, and pumpkin bar co-creation this weekend maybe. 

Gathering the garden to share and store. Like the squirrels. Still much to do, before the snow...
The food shelf was very grateful for the many Apples and Pumpkins. Now that the vines will have been knocked down by frost, we can assess the entire squash & potato harvest, what to share & what we'll use.
We had fresh squash for dinner a couple nights, and oh it is so good, I am grateful.
We were sitting in the open garage in the Sunshine sorting, and the chipmunks came and sat in front of us asking "May we?" and we nod & say go ahead, they will then enter and run to the feed/grain barrel where some is usually spilled by this ole woman, and fill their cheeks and run back out while we laugh at their full cheeks.
Gathering seeds, some of them are so pretty, like the scarlet Runner Beans, Connie shared with me. The last batch I didn't plant because I had thought they would be pretty earrings. But this group I will save for planting next Season. Although I may make her a pair of earrings too. LOL
The Autumn Turkey hunt starts this weekend, I am looking at this years broods, that i have been tending to, and feeling this abrupt cut.
Reminds me of a ceremonial song that i think came from Circle farm Sanctuary with Selena, years back, oh my 70's - 80's
The Women would sing as we danced a circle clockwise, "We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return like a drop of rain flowing to the Ocean"
The men would join in with, "Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn, all that dies shall be reborn, "Vine and grain, Vine and grain, all that falls shall rise again,
& repeat as we sang, danced, circling around the "boundaries of the Earth".
Raising a cone of power & Loving healing.

Just as:
"Every revolution contains within it the seeds of it's own destruction" : (Frank Herbert).

Every Harvest contains the seeds of a new beginning.

I Love the Season of the long Dark, that we are now entering,
a darkness that embraces everything, without abandon or discrimination.

Another old friend prepares to take a journey, candle lit for Denny.
"I am sorry, forgive me, I Love you... " you did a good job on the concrete, thank you".

Heartfelt Protection for "All my Relations."
Blessings to you,
Your Harvest,

to "The People.."
Thank you for being..

I am Grateful,

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Rose Europeana and Friend by Barbara Carvallo

The end of Summer in Mother Hecate's garden.  Fall is upon us, whispering in the leaves and dancing among the late blooms.  The Great Crone's time is near, and Witches rejoice at Her coming.  The Wheel has come nearly full circle.  By Her grace and in Her sight we will harvest the learning and wisdom of the past year.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Slight Rustle in the Rabbit Whole by Peno Hardesty

it caught me off guard--- a slight rustle in the brush---but it was there---we are rising----
the wind carried a voice from time
" tell me child do you fear someone with different eyes or hair colour than you?"
i don't know
"because no one told you to"
we are rising
the setting sun cast shadows along the ground and the shadows danced and the shadows reminded me that all is not as it appears
we are rising
there are those who arm themself with weapns of war
there are those who did not see ferguson as identical to the clash between children throwing rocks and bottles at the israeli army
children with rocks and bottle met by tanks and militarized police
because the palastinians are "other"
and the black youth are seen as 'other"
the old horse walked close and i remembered we are herd
we regulate our heartbeat to one another
we are rising
we are rising
there are those who ridicule
there are those who criticize
there are those who refuse to listen to the wind
there are those who do not feel the breath of life
nor feel the heartbeat of tomorrow
in the brush
a slight rustle
we are rising
may we find our own courage
may we find one another


Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Peace Rose by Barbara Carvallo

Behold the evolution of the Peace Rose.  My father told the story - the varsity of which I can't confirm - that this rose was brought as a seedling to President Franklin Roosevelt by a French diplomat just days before Hitler invaded Paris.  FDR handed it over to the care of the horticulturalists at the D.C. Botanical Gardens and called it the Peace Rose in the hope of peace to come.  

I have never verified this account.  I love its romance and symbolism.  If it isn't true, it should be.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


it was in the darkness---the darkness before dawn and hours after midnight that I saw him---tom joad---he was laughing and sharing a meal with his mother----over there on the bridge I bumped into rev casey---so alive and so grateful---for he could hear the owl call the name of hate and injustice---desperation and loneliness----
was this a dream---a hallucination----a premonition----I do not know----but i showed up to seek the answer----I am blessed to see you showed up too---I am so happy you are here------gracias

A Simple Respect by Barbara Carvallo

The light is changing now.  The mellow heat of High Plains Indian Summer, notwithstanding, the sun is deepening to rich amber in the morning and turning brunt gold at dusk.  The last of the blooms are coming out to show as degree by degree the wind sweeps cooler off the Front Range and down onto the Prairie. 

This is my favorite time of year.  The great Pagan festival of Samhain – Halloween to some – is upon us.  I begin to plan for my dear husband’s Thanksgiving and birthday dinners, acts of love for my partner of over 30 years and our family of choice.  The gardens are settling in for a season’s rest, as am I.  Spring and summer get a little harder from gardening season to gardening season.  Autumn and winter seem to go by faster and faster each year. 

A Witch charged with tending to the beauty of the Earth, I miss the eternal regularity and simple balance of the gardens as they slumber in sterling moonlight and frigid starlight.  There is no arguing with the symmetry of nature, only a fool – and Goddess knows that our species is full of them – tries.  Thus, some children of the spring and summer love shade and some love sun; some love wet and some love dry; some thrive in alkaline soil and some in acid.  To place a shade loving, water needing, acid tolerant plant in the sunny drought of an alkaline landscape is to condemn it to death, plain and simple.  It will not live; no gardener’s skill can save it, nor will any amount of soil amendment, partial shade or indifferent watering.  To know the needs of each plant is to show tolerance for nature’s poise and equilibrium.  We will never create anything as beautiful as the spring flowers and summer blooms.  All of our self importance and money will never change that fact. Knowing this a gardener learns respect.