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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Goddess' Golden Gift by Barbara Carvallo

These are fall crocus.  On their stamen - golden tendrils and tops in the center - is the exotic and precious spice saffron.


In some of the literature that I have read it is said that the saffron is on the stigma.  It is very hard to see so I am attaching a diagram of the flower as a link.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hecate at Samhain by Barbara Carvallo

Hecate, the Great Crone of Wisdom, is the Goddess at the Crossroads.  She holds a lantern, a light to help us see our path as we approach the many junctions of destiny.  She does not tell us which way to go, but allows us to find what has heart and meaning for us.  At Samhain when the Wheel has come full circle we harvest the seeds of consciousness we planted the year before and plant for the next year by Her gracious light.  

On this Samhain I pray Goddess will help us each and collectively as a nation find the right path for the good of all, according to the free will of all.  As a Pagan I understand one great sacrilege, to lay my hands or my will on another’s Karma.  We must all do our Karmic dance with the music we are given, and we must resist in the strongest possible way any attempt to force us to dance to another person’s melody.

Blessed Be

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ancient Mother by Barbara Carvallo

Our Ancient Mother is all reality manifest,
Within Her heart all truth dwells,
She holds the Earth in Her arms,
As She holds all life upon it in Her womb.

Goddess comes to us as we have always known Her,

Hecate, Brigit, Bast, Isis, Astarte, Kali and more,
Singing to our heart, She whispers Her name,
Invoking the image our spirit eternally yearns to see.

We all come to know Her in the fullness of time,
In the way we need Her and can best serve Her,
No one can tell another who She is, for our vision is our own,
This is Her will and ever has been.