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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sounds of Summer by Barbara Carvallo

Silver chimes ring softly in the supple and pleasant breeze,
Small blue irises and yellow daffodils open their eyes to see,
The lemon colored sunshine rolling down the Great Divide,
As into the garden the gentle Fae come running side by side.

“This is the beginning of the season,” they sing in elegant harmony,
“It is time to till the soil, prune the roses and plant the seeds one, two, three,”
They are the most magically skilled gardeners on the face of Goddess’ Earth,
And, with lutes, cymbals and voices so rare they help the garden give birth.

Soon the delphinium rises tall, listening to the bluebird in the dazzling pear tree,
Silken pansies nestled near the ground hear the flutter of ladybugs flying free,
Wildflowers dancing in gorgeous chaos, love the sound of rain best of all,
But, Her Majesty the Rose opens her fabulous blooms only at the Goddess’ call.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Heartbeat of One Creation Under One Creator by Peno Hardesty

i called my family around me--i sensed danger--i heard conversations--i called my family close---someone once wrote a poem about me---others wrote poems next to me---but i hear no poems today---i hear threats and talk that i am old and dangerous---useless and in the way-----today someone said i was worth money--- dead---will anyone hear my cries for help--will the poet help or the artist--will the walker seeking rest help----will anyone see me for who i am not what i am-----we are here--all of us---the moss and the ants--the birds and the owl and the snake---primates and the leaves ---the bees and the bats---we are here---family---we pollinate and give shade----we give music and we spread seed---we give you the oxygen you need to breathe--we are here--the family of life--"i think that i shall never see .........."---can anyone see me------all i see is dust -----can anyone hear me----- all i hear are chain saws,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

one heartbeat of one creation under one creator

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beltane by Barbara Carvallo

In the glow of May’s gentle sun delight fills every hour,
Nature begins to blossom and ardent passion to flower.

Around the gorgeous May pole four noble Goddesses sing,
Dancing in the sunlit days and balmy nights of Spring.

Now and then in the four quadrants a Lady stops and stands,
Holding a brilliant floral companion in Her lovely hands.

Earth’s amethyst delphinium is Hecate’s gift in the North,
As She beckons the Witch’s magic to flourish and come forth.

Dressed in sunrise comes Brigit walking on the Eastern breeze,
Adorned in pastel lilies for summoning Her honeybees.

Out of the South strides brave Bast the color of blood and fire,
Bringing a red and yellow Blanket Flower the psyche to inspire,

Great Winged Isis, Mother of the Nile, sails in from the watery West
Arms full of pale sapphire flax with which the Blue Planet to bless.

Clockwise from North to North around and around They go,
Power, intuition, love and wisdom with flowers They sow.

This is the Divine Planting Ritual transpiring every Spring,
Summer comes on when roses bloom and little birds take wing.