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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sounds of Summer by Barbara Carvallo

Silver chimes ring softly in the supple and pleasant breeze,
Small blue irises and yellow daffodils open their eyes to see,
The lemon colored sunshine rolling down the Great Divide,
As into the garden the gentle Fae come running side by side.

“This is the beginning of the season,” they sing in elegant harmony,
“It is time to till the soil, prune the roses and plant the seeds one, two, three,”
They are the most magically skilled gardeners on the face of Goddess’ Earth,
And, with lutes, cymbals and voices so rare they help the garden give birth.

Soon the delphinium rises tall, listening to the bluebird in the dazzling pear tree,
Silken pansies nestled near the ground hear the flutter of ladybugs flying free,
Wildflowers dancing in gorgeous chaos, love the sound of rain best of all,
But, Her Majesty the Rose opens her fabulous blooms only at the Goddess’ call.

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