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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Nonsense of the Ignorant

Recently I have had a number of people ask me to teach them White Witchcraft.  I have no bloody idea what the hell they are talking about.  Witchcraft is Witchcraft; it isn’t the “Price is Right” with doors one can enter without taking any responsibility for what is behind them.  The nature of the Craft practiced by any given practitioner is their choice, their right, their responsibility, and their liability if it comes to that.
These “White Witchcraft” people are the same strange people who ask me for love spells and money spell – no one has ever asked me to cast spell for world peace, interestingly enough.  Where in the name of the Great Crone do people get this crap – Hollywood, other religions, fortune cookies?  Nobody has ever represented us correctly in motion pictures – nobody.  Nobody has ever represented us correctly in church doctrine – nobody.  Damn few people know anything about us.  Damn few people have taken the time to honestly and seriously learn.  We are less known then the Mormons or the Masons, and we aren’t a secret society.  The secrets we keep are for self preservation. 
People make this drivel up as they go along, I guess.  However they manage to collect such stupidity, it is trivializing and demeaning to all of us.  For instance, we are not New Age.  We didn’t drop from the sky into their local metaphysical store with bells on our toes and crystals hanging from our nipples to tell them pretty lies with a Tarot Deck.  The Craft of the Wise was a codified, albeit loosely codified religion before the time of Christ.  It is the antecedent faith of the Wicca and the ancient, unwritten and living liturgy of the Goddess.  We are devout practitioners of a profound and sacred tradition – unknown and disrespected though it may be. 
Thus, I tell these odd and ignorant people who are so inclined, that the next time they meet a Witch not to ask her how to get their boyfriend back, or where grandpa stashed the Picasso he is rumored to own, because they will only piss her off. Then she won’t tell them even if she knows.   

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today is Beltane, Sabbat of the Maiden Goddess in my Tradition. It is a time of love, passion, procreation, bright beginnings. Soon the Maiden Goddess Brigit will become pregnant with a new reality and truth as the Wheel moves into Summer and She becomes the Great Mother Isis - Her wings enfolding the world. Many blessings of this Sabbat, my friends.