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Monday, April 14, 2014

Terra is Changing Woman by Jackie B. Steele

Good Moon-Day Morning,

Traveled to Fon Du Lak/ Mahtowa area to spend time in the beauty of Our World, to in the "Sweet territory" of silence, so I could hear, see and feel the Seasonal shift. The snow pack yields to the Sun-star, the melting run off sparkling in sunlight as she swiftly descends towards the lowlands, marshes, ponds, lakes and rivers & other secret places where Water lives. Blessings on on all beloved Waters. Sweet Blessings.
i could hear the spring peepers (tiny frogs) waking and wading in these waters & starting to sing their love songs. Sandhill cranes & Wood Ducks are celebrating reunion in the lowland runoff and looking for peepers.
Many mature Migizi (eagles) graced the skies, delighted by the laughing waters as they wake the Earth & dance to the shores. A flock of white Tundra swans heading North singing, singing, singing. All the birds & local wildlife are, so i start to hum with the resonance of transition. a tiny spiral dance of my own, slow intentional, toe, heel, spirit song around.........
Several Turkey Vultures spiral in the Sunlight to announce the frost is dying. Spring is finally here, we still have some snow, and some may still fall, but the Mother is warming, roots are moving, sap is rising, & all our relations are celebrating rebirth and renewal, even with the hardship we have given them. I am grateful for forgiveness, kindness, sharing this blessing...
This night the Frog Moon will be eclipsed as Our emerald world asks to share the pipe with The Sun & Moon.
Healing blessings for our world & waters, i ask, as we wade in the waters, and walk the pollen trail we share.
This eclipse will be in the wee hours in our area of Tuesday Morning. Followed by a solar eclipse on the New Moon around the 28th.
There will be 4 eclipses in the next two years.
Terra is Changing Woman.
I Love you.