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Monday, June 3, 2013

News from the Rabbit Hole by Peno Hardesty

news from the rabbit hole------my therapist is back---she is on meds now-----the other therapist has gone back to school to become a pet therapist-----the old feral cat in the woods had a kitten---sort of---when i brought water to the tree line for her she approached slowly and then--- staying at a safe distance--- moved a bit to the side----tiny---lots of teeth and tail---a baby opossum---the old cat nudged her baby toward the water and gently licked it ----there is tolerance and understanding here in the rabbit hole----starbucks is safe now--old women like me who smoke will not be there so do the nice non smoking folk still need to carry their guns inside?---cheerios is now on my list--the family on the commercial looks like mine----i called my daughters to tell of michael douglas and the info on oral cancer---very important--i will call the boys in the morning---there is truth out there so it is good sometimes to come out of the rabbit hole-----did i mention that i had to go to sensitivity training---i said white/southern/damsel in distress / in the same sentence during a review----old women who smoke do not do well for long intervals outside of the rabbit hole----i did as well as i did in that "how to quit smoking" group that i got kicked out of.............blessings to all who are in the path of storms---blessings to all who are under the bombs---blessings to all with the courage to speak truth---blessings to all who understand that we are all far more alike than we are different-----blessings to those who believe peace is possible and tolerance can live in our world----and for those who understand---reach out into the darkness---we are here----you are not alone