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Friday, January 30, 2015

Imbolc, February 2, 2015 by Barbara Carvallo

On this day Goddess Brigit steps through the golden dawn and the Quickening begins.  All of Her children in the green world start to awaken.  Seed and bulb, root and vine will feel Winter receding in subtle ways imperceptible to what is left of human instinct and Earth consciousness. 

Gardeners and Witches know this stirring of new life as the Great Crone Hecate gradually withdraws Her mantle of cold and snowy white to make room for the Maiden’s green and glowing Spring.  

The Fae precede Brigit with drum and cymbal, flute and chime playing the music that will coax the Sun closer to the soil.  In the fullness of time as the Earth warms the Great Mother will spread Her arms and bring forth the richness of blossom and bloom to decorate Her terra cotta robes.  Thus the Wheel of the Year turns. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Black Jade by Barbara Carvallo

 Black Jade is a miniature rose, small both in leaf and bloom size.  She is fragrant and very hardy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

On the Divide from Pagan Dreams by Barbara Carvallo

In the lusty evening the lilac light is splintered like stained glass,
Filling the spaces between pale saffron peony and blood tinged roses.
The wind whispers sweetly to the coming full moon,
Shinning kindly on the indigo blue fissures and ragged peaks of the Great Divide.

This is the breast of the Goddess soon to be sleeping in moonlight,
Breathing in starlight, loving all of Her creation with the beauty of Her presence.
Now as mountain streams roll on softly, Hecate steps toward the horizon in ebony and silver,
Obscuring the Divide under a perfect mantel of night.

Unseen the Goddess remains in the song of nocturnal insects,
The sweet scent of the flowers borne on a wandering breeze.
On the currents of piney coolness rolling down off the Divide,
Her voice fills the growing stillness, “I am with you morning, noon and night.”