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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Imbolc, 2014 by Barbara Carvallo

Imbolc is upon us - February 1st for 2014.  The word is Irish in origin and means, "in the belly."  This is the Quickening, the beginning of spring.  Now new life within the Earth prepares to emerge.  Goddess Brigit is rising in the east with the Sun, as Mother Hecate draws Her winter's mantel toward the Dark Side of the Moon where She rules the Craft and watches over Her daughters. 


At the Quickening sister flowers and brother trees end their winter sleep, 
Brigit calls them to awaken and revel in the lustrous dawn,
Before long they will put on their new green and dance in the balmy wind,
Rich milk will flow from the teats of tender four-legged mothers,
As a new generation of young suckle close, drinking deep of the liquid of life.

Tall and stately Aspen and Maple prepare to leaf,
Cottonwood and slender Elm raise their budding arms against a cerulean sky,
For so long I have yearned to hear them whisper words of power, 
Hear them sing their gratitude to the rain,
Feel their silhouette gently touch my shoulders as I tend my spring herbs.

Soon I will sleep again in their emerald shade,
And sit without thought of time beneath their elegant canopy, 
I will see the sun splatter between their new leaves, 
Making stained-glass patterns on the greening earth,
Sculpted visions of light and shadow to inspire my daydreams.

In a little while animal and plant will take their place on Brigit’s Earth-altar, 
Under the glowing stars the flawless ritual of blessing will begin, 
The Goddess’ Priestesses will draw down the Moon, 
Shimmering white, the flower that shares its name will reflect the alabaster glow,
And another season will begin.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Harshness of Winter by Peno Hardesty

the harshness of winter has settled over north america---so many of us are left alone with ourself---it is nature---it is necessary---it is painful--- it is cleansing----we go deep within and find truths---preparing to emerge-------in truth we learn---in truth we feel---in truth we evolve----we must learn from our sisters the plants---shed the old leaf---let die the vine of bitterness and regret----we must feel as our sisters the dried river beds---longing for that which has flowed on---anticipating that which is yet to flow---knowing that the dried leaves of yesterday become the fertile soil for tomorrow----we must evolve as all our sisters before us evolved---welcome that which we do not yet know---grateful for that which we have not yet experienced----- the harshness of winter has settled let each of us in our aloneness join in our oneness knowing that we are one heartbeat of one creation under one creator blessings

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am What I am & That is All That I am by Jackie B. Steele

Fluffing the Down,
Even sitting around,
Hold on to your hats when heading outdoors
Northwest winds are singing a Hearty roar
Popeye wisdom heard all around
you know the ones "Well Blow me down"
"I am what I am & that is all that i am"
Good morning.