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Friday, December 30, 2016


there was a chill in the night air as she walked alone----streets busy with folk some going somewhere others going no where but everyone seemed in a hurry---once not so long ago it seemed everyone recognized her---folk would smile and hug her----folk quoted her---now she was just a stranger walking alone on a cold dark night---at the depot she bought a ticket and boarded the bus---taking a seat by the window----the warmth of the bus soothed her and she closed her eyes----just before the bus was due to depart another traveleer sat next to her----the cold from his coat startled her remindiing her of the cold dark night outside----she turned from the window and looked at him----there was something familiar---his eyes or maybe his smile---something-----"traveling light?" he said-----she smiled---her heart fluttered---something about his voice---long ago--- she dared not remember nor believe---so she smiled and turned back toward the window---night turned to dawn and dawn turned to dusk as the bus stopped----"excues me---this is where i depart" she said----"really? me too" he answered---the winds blew harsh as she hurried inside the depot----snow clung to her boots and stung her face----she brushed her hair from her eyes as she entered----"hey-----cold out there ---here i have hot coffee for you'---the young man handed her a cup of hot coffee----"you will be welcomed among us---we are longing to save you" she nodded and sipped the coffee----" hey---how are you?---she looked up and realized the young man was greeting the stranger who had sat next to her---"i did not know you two were traveling together---"---the strangers eyes locked-----another young man approached---"car is warmed up---ready?"---"jim" said the first young man "this lady is democracy and this gentleman is hope"---she took the hand of hope---no longer afraid to believe as they walked toward the waiting car---"how long to standing rock" asked hope
donnie---turn off the game
damit---this fucking level beat me
wait just wait---i will beat you

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


and so this day as i fought through depression and anxiety---negativity--i wondered if i were indeed insane--i longed for comfort and two memories returned----solstice memries---moments long since gone but part of my lifetime--moments to comfort and moments to teach
moments---just momenta---make a lifetime
winter solstice--sick horse---bright moon
prayers---chance meeting with blacksmith
sunrise brought healing
alone a young woman stood by the fire
dark night---the sky dark and starless
sunrise brought joy--first kick
it is never about the love one receives but rather the ability to love
it is about remembering but not reliving
it is about knowing
it is about being
moments make a lifetime
light the fire
hold a rock and listen
it is ok to admit defeat
it is ok to let go
it is even ok to just sit under a blanket and cry
moments single moments make a lifetime
experience each moment---
don't linger for if you do you will miss life in the next moment
come we gather some kindle---soon to light the fire
we sit
in solidarity
we experience the darkness but we will not linger for we dare not miss the moment of light

Friday, December 9, 2016

On the Darkside by Barbara Carvallo

The article that follows, is a brilliant intellectual, spiritual and psychic assessment of exactly what is happening in this country now.  We have entered the darkness.  I have said before, and will say again, Trump is Karma.  There are powerful forces at work behind, in and around this fool. 

For those committed to the reverence and worship of the Sacred Feminine the article speaks of Kali – the Dark Mother of the Hindu tradition. In my tradition She is the Crone and third aspect of the Great Triple Goddess.  When I reached my Croning, I was called by the Crone Hecate – Queen of the Witches and Goddess of the Dark Side of the Moon.  She wields the Dark with power, authority and healing.  That is the point of the article – healing in and through the course of the nightmare we have wrought. 

I am a Witch.  I have no fear of the dark.  I and others like me see in the dark.  We are seeing now at the edge of the eclipse.  I make no claim to special power.  It is simply that I am old, wise and as honest as I can be. The latter is a Cardinal Virtue, as the Catholics say, in my faith.  I am honest with myself, with the world and with you dear reader. 

As I said very truthfully to a good friend of mine earlier today, in the human body there are genetic markers which must be activated for some of us to have certain illness that others won’t have because the markers aren’t present.  I believe there are analogous markers, if you will, in our intellectual, moral and spiritual makeup.  Trump hit them all – fear, resentment and hate.  On these he built his movement. While doing so he sold his public a bill of goods.  Because he is a conman of the first order, he is now engaged in the oldest con of all – bait and switch.  Anyone paying attention to the sleaze he is attempting to put in his cabinet knows the switch is on.   Thus, the darkness deepens.

For those who prefer let us speak in Jungian terms.  Trump has taken this nation deep into its collective unconscious, burrowing into our Shadow.  Oh don’t get me wrong, he is a tool without much more wit than a screwdriver or a hammer.  He has no idea what he is doing beyond his own self interest as he pulls the worst elements of our nature out and parades them around dressed up in patriotism and populist angst.  Jung knew the truth and he told it; there is power in the Shadow for anyone willing to face their demons – the worst elements of their nature – and take that power back.  This is the magic of healing.  

Witches know that magic is a matter of a fierce will, a focused intent and faith – above all faith.  So, whether your faith is in my Goddess, Christ, Brahma, Buddha, Allah, any Deity that I haven’t mentioned or yourself and the Universe, let us stand together.  Let us do some magic. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

A WAR--LIKE A WAR--by Peno Hardesty

-in the wind i hear the drums of standing rock--the prayers--on the t.v.i hear the lies and ignorance of trump in ohio----clashing------lies--prayers---searching for the soul of america--one to conquer the other to heal\
the heartbeat of america is strong at standing rock
words of truth echo
louder than the snarls of attack dogs
louder than the hate speak of the law and government
louder than the water cannons
louder than the indifference of a nation
louder than the chants of build the wall
louder than the screams of lock her up that surround the lies of trump as he rallies in ohio
the heartbeat of america is strong at standing rock
words of truth echo
the prayers are powerful
the truth is calling
the eagle soars along side the condor
our brothers and sisters dance the haka
solidarity with life
solidarity with water
solidarity with love
the heartbeat of america is strong at standing rock
the prayers are powerful
the truth echos

Holidays by Barbara Carvallo

For me the Christmas Holiday comes on in dark patches of sky and soul.  Many who don’t follow the Christian religion, particularly as publicly practiced by media/politicians/vocal celebrities today, are bewildered as to what it is all about other than excess and resentment for those who aren’t part of the faith.  Resentment overlaid with a chilling ignorance and indifference extended to those of us whose seasonal celebrations predate Christmas by centuries, even millennia, and whose traditions have been appropriated without so much as a by-your-leave. 

The Roman holiday of Saturnalia – December 17th-25th – appears to have been chosen as the time of Christmas in an effort to persuade Roman Pagans to join in the Christian’s observance.  The ancient celebration itself was a time of chaos dominated by the nomination of a “Lord of Misrule” who at the end of the carnival-like ritual and in the best tradition of antiquity was scapegoated and sacrificed to scare off various and assorted bogymen associated with the so-called forces of darkness. Since the festival seemed to have very little to do with the theory of Christmas, early authorities settled on December 25th only for the purpose of commemorating the birth of Jesus.

More closely aligned with my tradition are Yule and the Winter Solstice. The former was originally part of the Norse Tradition beginning before the Solstice and running past New Years Day.  The latter is celebrated on December 21st or 22nd.  Winter Solstice has been recognized in some form since the beginning of time our traditions teach us.  It is the longest night of the year and is reckoned to herald the re-birth of the Sun.  The world sits at the edge of Winter, as Goddess rests Her regenerative power to prepare for the Quickening at Imbolc (February 1st) and the awakening of the Earth. The Sun grows in intensity to nourish the planet’s blooming in the Spring and Summer months.  Thus, providing us with the harvest that will carry us through the next Winter as the Wheel of the Year turns.

On Solstice night many burn three candles upon a log, known as the Yule Log.  I was trained to use a green, a red and a white candle, representing the three aspects of Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone.  The Log is often decorated with holly, mistletoe and pine branches hung with brightly colored bulbs and strung with lights or streamers made with popcorn.  We burn Bayberry and Pine incense and candles, make cookies and cider.  Finally, the Log maybe burned.  It symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun by the grace of Goddess and is sacred in our eyes. 

All of our rituals are Earth based.  At Yule we thank Goddess for the Earth – the only gift we need.  I am honored to be a servant of the Earth, a gardener.  This is the work I do on behalf of my Goddess.  It is the finest gift I have to give and I will give it freely because that is a moral mandate of my faith.  This is the meaning of Solstice and Yule, indeed of Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon and Samhain as well.  Blessed Be.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Intercept by Barbara Carvallo

I don't usually post political material here.  This is a place of worship and Pagan fellowship. However, the man who is about to become our vice president is a dangerous and destructive man.  His religion is his excuse for hate, cruelty and demagoguery.  All I am saying here is beware.

"Let me say to begin with and without equivocation, don't let the political establishment, of either party, or the shills in the mainstream media convince you that alternative journalism is the same thing as false journalism.  For the most part ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and certainly Fox are propaganda machines not news sources.  They embarrassed themselves mightily during the election.  First, by promoting a man who is now determined to shut them out; secondly, by being smugly wrong about everything; finally, by refusing to own the nightmare their arrogance and blatant stupidity has helped to engender.  With the exception of a handful of people – Maddow, Melber, Hayes, O’Donnell and the Williams boys, Brian and Pete, to name a few of the best – journalism died with Cronkite. 

Having said all of this, anyone who isn’t familiar with the premise of the following article by “The Intercept” might be shocked to know that there is no Santa Claus. I have said before and will say again, Mike Pence is a greater menace then Trump.  The latter is a carnival barker, a buffoon, a cheap stage prop who will stumble about making rambling speeches, showing off his wife and engaging in warped performance art, while men like Pence, Bannon and General Mike Flynn do their best or worst. 

For his part, Pence is a religious fanatic, a zealot of the “My God is the only God” variety.  He practices Christianity with an emphasis on Old Testament values like vengeance, bloodletting and bigotry.  Pagans will be at real risk in his America, as will anyone who doesn’t conform to his constipated moral and world views. 

So, add Pagans, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, of course Muslims and many others to the swelling ranks of people for whom the Bill of Rights will be rewritten with the proviso – Need Not Apply.  As our LGBT brothers and sisters may feel the need to step back into the closet, and our undocumented brothers and sisters the need to step deeper into the shadows; women may need to brace themselves for the back alley where people with unclean hands and dirty instruments do surgery that was once safe, and Pagans may need to take off our jewelry while stepping into basements and windowless rooms to perform ritual. 

These are the wages of apathy, of forgetting that freedom isn’t free and democracy requires thought, education and work.  For all of those who put party over principle, forgot who they were supposed to be working for or who weren’t paying attention during the election season, welcome to our nightmare, man; welcome to our Gestalt.  How do you like it?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Season's End by Barbara Carvallo

A long, warm, dry fall here in Colorado.  Temperatures are still in the low 80's just days before Halloween.  Global warming is a fact, idiot politicians and their masters to the contrary.  While it is still a joy to see the flowers, this is not particularly good for the gardens. Their life and growth habits are optimally served by the cycle of the seasons.

Monday, October 24, 2016


our mother turn by s and brings darkness early now---no longer is the ground warm against bare feet--although the birds sing and the butterfly dance---change comes--it is natural---i find myself sleepy now --more than usual--longing perhaps to hibernate as in the days of my ancestors---our mother turns and smiles at her children who need the cold and the darkness--gentle she covers the tiny seed with a blanket of fallen leaves---soon the acorns will have all been stored and the burrows secured----our mother turns for each of us--in love---we are blessed

Sunday, October 23, 2016


seems that medicare insists on evaluating elderly folk ----i put it off until i could not anymore---o.k. i will see the nice geriatric counselor---
she seemed nice enough--concerned that i smoke and am thin---
oh dear you have a family history of mental illness and depression she exclaimed---very concerned that i am not medicated
she asked some routine questions and handed me a packet to complete
the doctor will call you when he is done with the evaluation
i dutifully filled out the packet
yes---no---not sure etc--etc
ah DO YOU HAVE RECURRING DREAMS--if yes please explain in detail
" i wake up in terror---i dream that there is one egg left---viable--just waiting----it is senior night at the community centre---no not senior movie night or bland salt free pot luck night but tango night---the music the dance floor tango night---some one takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor---tango---i get all caught up in the tango and tango right out into the parking lot---no i never got his name---did not want it--just the mystery of the night and the tango---two weeks later i puke--and puke again---doc orders tests---results come back---number seven is due just in time for my 70th birthday---omg omg doctor i do not need anti depressants i need birth control"
the nice doctor called me today---he said i was crazy and wonderful---good mental illness he said---no need for meds but he said there was no need for birth control either---just keep dancing
come--we tango now

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Green Tomato Sauce

For those not sure what to do with green tomatoes at the end of the season may I suggest a green tomato, garlic, olive oil and onion sauce to be combined with pork and green chili. Depending upon the tomato they may need to be blanched before saucing or placed in a crockpot.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Hulthemia Rose by Barbara Carvallo

One-hundred and forty years ago a seedling of Rosa persica, the hulthemia rose, was brought to the Luxembourg Gardens from her desert home in Iran and the surrounding area. Today they are available in hybrids – usually shrub roses, but they can be floribundas. Their central distinguishing feature and what attracted western hybridizers, is their eye.  Most of them are named with reference to their eye or their area of origin, Persia or Babylon. Thus I invite you to look into the eyes of Rosa persica and know the meaning of beauty. 

These are not my photos. They were found on a free image site and largely attributed to Pinterest.