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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Colorado Shakespeare Gardens by Barbara Carvallo

Welcome to the beauty and tranquility of the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder


they found me this night
the beautiful souls
the gentle souls
they found me
some sang from the ponds across the wood line
others sang from the tree tops
some with brilliant coloured wings danced along the wildflowers
beautiful souls--gentle souls
the dragonfly landed on my arm just before the wind carried the drums from africa
the rain that was gathered from south america cooled my skin
beautiful souls gentle souls
my tears joined with the rain and my aloneness was healed
the breath of an old horse gave me new life
the trust of an old blind pig gave me new hope

one heartbeat of one creation under one creator
in solidarity
we survive

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Solemn Spiritual Balance by Barbara Carvallo

Welcome to my lily garden inside of my Fairy garden. In this garden water loving plants live with xeric plants, shade plants with sun plants - each in the place that best aids their growth. There is no violence or death here, just the transformation from seedling, to plant, to bloom, to seed, to seedling. This transformation makes manifest the Goddess cycle of life. Some shade plants live behind or under sun plants. Some plants attract beneficial insects that feed on other insects that damage other plants. This is the sacred symbiosis of Nature. If only we could understand this loving ritual.

When I am sad or grieving I come here and Goddess changes part of my sorrow, and grief into wisdom as the flowers whisper knowledge on burst of sweet scent. The other part she makes into energy so that I might care for the plants. This is the solemn spiritual balance that is for me the true meaning of life.
I wish you all such a place as my lily garden within the Fairy garden. If you don't have one, I will gladly share mine.

Monday, July 4, 2016


seems the holiday celebrations started a day early this year----lovely-----for years a vet---nam ---has sat out in front---by the gate----twice a year----the fourth and n ew years eve----don't know who he is---he doesn't say much---just sits with his blanket-----it is loud here tonight---headed out to hay up the old horse and there he was
i did not know you were here--let me get some tea
it's ok
no i have it--and garlic bread--right?
thank you
i heated the frozen bread and brought it out
thank you---this old cat is hangin around mind if he sits with me
let me get him some food
our national celebration should include everyone----mostly our vets---our vets who fought for our freedoms-----somehow we seem to have forgotten them------
ptsd is real
blessings y gracias to all who do what they do for all of us