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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Something Very Dangerous by Barbara Carvallo

When did Christianity become the fourth branch of our government?  When did it become okay to accuse others of persecution when they don’t accept the tenets of the Christian faith as the law and moral conscious of this land?  Who gave our elected public servants, not to mention what is laughingly referred to as our free press, the right to discredit and disregard through fear and self promotion all other spiritual paths and those of us who hold them dear and follow them closely?  Something very dangerous this way comes.  Something that if not opposed will lead to genuine persecution as it always has.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goddess of Spring by Barbara Carvallo

Goddess of Spring comes dressed in golden sun and blue skies.  She comes gently, wearing the life and beauty of a thousand perfect blossoms in Her hair.  Goddess does not come screaming Her name with fiery tongue or raging thoughts.  She does not need such spectacle to prove She exists.  For the Earth is Her body, the Air Her breath, the Fire Her Spirit and the life giving Water Her blood.

We Her daughters who call upon Her sacred presence to cast the circle in which we walk, require neither the approval nor the consensus of others to feel Her beside us at the time of Full Moon when we offer ritual in Her honor.  We worship Her as we breathe for the sake of our life and the preservation of Her Craft.  We do not whimper of persecution, although we have known it better than most.  We do not see the Witch Hunter around every corner, although he has been there often enough.  We know the past through Her wisdom, live in the present by Her grace and dream the future in Her sight.  Thus, the freedom of our religion has nothing to do with governments.

Blessed Be