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Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Article of Faith

I have met a number of people recently, online, who laugh at my religious beliefs. They tell me that my faith is a childish superstition. It is amazing to me that some people can base their judgments and assessments of others on a handful of old books of dubious authorship and questionable historic authority and not see the irony of doing so. I have said before, I will say again, I thank Goddess every day I was born Pagan. We do not burden our souls, our loved ones or those we meet with unfounded allegations or pejorative verdicts. If you are a Christian, I am happy for you if it brings you joy. If you are a Jew, I rejoice in the comfort your religion offers you. If you are a Muslim, I celebrate your courage in following a faith that is much maligned – as is mine. Indeed, whatever religion you follow I offer you a hand of friendship, tolerance and compassion. Thus, is one of the central tenants of my “childish superstition.”