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Friday, December 30, 2016


there was a chill in the night air as she walked alone----streets busy with folk some going somewhere others going no where but everyone seemed in a hurry---once not so long ago it seemed everyone recognized her---folk would smile and hug her----folk quoted her---now she was just a stranger walking alone on a cold dark night---at the depot she bought a ticket and boarded the bus---taking a seat by the window----the warmth of the bus soothed her and she closed her eyes----just before the bus was due to depart another traveleer sat next to her----the cold from his coat startled her remindiing her of the cold dark night outside----she turned from the window and looked at him----there was something familiar---his eyes or maybe his smile---something-----"traveling light?" he said-----she smiled---her heart fluttered---something about his voice---long ago--- she dared not remember nor believe---so she smiled and turned back toward the window---night turned to dawn and dawn turned to dusk as the bus stopped----"excues me---this is where i depart" she said----"really? me too" he answered---the winds blew harsh as she hurried inside the depot----snow clung to her boots and stung her face----she brushed her hair from her eyes as she entered----"hey-----cold out there ---here i have hot coffee for you'---the young man handed her a cup of hot coffee----"you will be welcomed among us---we are longing to save you" she nodded and sipped the coffee----" hey---how are you?---she looked up and realized the young man was greeting the stranger who had sat next to her---"i did not know you two were traveling together---"---the strangers eyes locked-----another young man approached---"car is warmed up---ready?"---"jim" said the first young man "this lady is democracy and this gentleman is hope"---she took the hand of hope---no longer afraid to believe as they walked toward the waiting car---"how long to standing rock" asked hope
donnie---turn off the game
damit---this fucking level beat me
wait just wait---i will beat you

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