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Sunday, October 23, 2016


seems that medicare insists on evaluating elderly folk ----i put it off until i could not anymore---o.k. i will see the nice geriatric counselor---
she seemed nice enough--concerned that i smoke and am thin---
oh dear you have a family history of mental illness and depression she exclaimed---very concerned that i am not medicated
she asked some routine questions and handed me a packet to complete
the doctor will call you when he is done with the evaluation
i dutifully filled out the packet
yes---no---not sure etc--etc
ah DO YOU HAVE RECURRING DREAMS--if yes please explain in detail
" i wake up in terror---i dream that there is one egg left---viable--just waiting----it is senior night at the community centre---no not senior movie night or bland salt free pot luck night but tango night---the music the dance floor tango night---some one takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor---tango---i get all caught up in the tango and tango right out into the parking lot---no i never got his name---did not want it--just the mystery of the night and the tango---two weeks later i puke--and puke again---doc orders tests---results come back---number seven is due just in time for my 70th birthday---omg omg doctor i do not need anti depressants i need birth control"
the nice doctor called me today---he said i was crazy and wonderful---good mental illness he said---no need for meds but he said there was no need for birth control either---just keep dancing
come--we tango now

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