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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Harshness of Winter by Peno Hardesty

the harshness of winter has settled over north america---so many of us are left alone with ourself---it is nature---it is necessary---it is painful--- it is cleansing----we go deep within and find truths---preparing to emerge-------in truth we learn---in truth we feel---in truth we evolve----we must learn from our sisters the plants---shed the old leaf---let die the vine of bitterness and regret----we must feel as our sisters the dried river beds---longing for that which has flowed on---anticipating that which is yet to flow---knowing that the dried leaves of yesterday become the fertile soil for tomorrow----we must evolve as all our sisters before us evolved---welcome that which we do not yet know---grateful for that which we have not yet experienced----- the harshness of winter has settled let each of us in our aloneness join in our oneness knowing that we are one heartbeat of one creation under one creator blessings

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