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Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Heartbeat of One Creation Under One Creator by Peno Hardesty

i called my family around me--i sensed danger--i heard conversations--i called my family close---someone once wrote a poem about me---others wrote poems next to me---but i hear no poems today---i hear threats and talk that i am old and dangerous---useless and in the way-----today someone said i was worth money--- dead---will anyone hear my cries for help--will the poet help or the artist--will the walker seeking rest help----will anyone see me for who i am not what i am-----we are here--all of us---the moss and the ants--the birds and the owl and the snake---primates and the leaves ---the bees and the bats---we are here---family---we pollinate and give shade----we give music and we spread seed---we give you the oxygen you need to breathe--we are here--the family of life--"i think that i shall never see .........."---can anyone see me------all i see is dust -----can anyone hear me----- all i hear are chain saws,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

one heartbeat of one creation under one creator

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