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Friday, February 7, 2014

Beltane by Barbara Carvallo

In the glow of May’s gentle sun delight fills every hour,
Nature begins to blossom and ardent passion to flower.

Around the gorgeous May pole four noble Goddesses sing,
Dancing in the sunlit days and balmy nights of Spring.

Now and then in the four quadrants a Lady stops and stands,
Holding a brilliant floral companion in Her lovely hands.

Earth’s amethyst delphinium is Hecate’s gift in the North,
As She beckons the Witch’s magic to flourish and come forth.

Dressed in sunrise comes Brigit walking on the Eastern breeze,
Adorned in pastel lilies for summoning Her honeybees.

Out of the South strides brave Bast the color of blood and fire,
Bringing a red and yellow Blanket Flower the psyche to inspire,

Great Winged Isis, Mother of the Nile, sails in from the watery West
Arms full of pale sapphire flax with which the Blue Planet to bless.

Clockwise from North to North around and around They go,
Power, intuition, love and wisdom with flowers They sow.

This is the Divine Planting Ritual transpiring every Spring,
Summer comes on when roses bloom and little birds take wing.

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