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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Breath of Life by Peno Hardesty

gracias----come--we walk now----si---is dusk and the creations are singing---it is alright---that is only the old bald pig---he does not see well now---speak to him---he follows the voice---come---under the vines---they are fragrant--si?---listen---cicada----there---the owl---soon she will fly---now she shares our walk----is something wrong?---that is just the beating of your own heart---it has been a while since you have heard it---feel the earth beneath you--touch it--feel the bark of the cypress tree and hold the dangling moss close to you----look up--through the canopy as the darkness encircles us---feel the night ---here--put you hand in front of your mouth and feel your breath---become aware as your chest moves---feel it--experience it---life---your life---now give me your hand----close your eyes and concentrate on your own breath--feel it --experience it----warm breath against your hand--only this is the breath of the old bald pig---and my breath----and the breath of the night----life---the breath of life---all life.......................

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