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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mabon 2013 by Barbara Carvallo

It is Mabon, the second harvest.  Many of you know this day as the Autumn or Fall Equinox.  This is the time we gather up our new wisdom born of learning and intuition from tiny kernels planted last year.   

The Great Mother, pregnant throughout the summer with the promise of harvest time, gave birth at Lammas to the first crop and the infant essence of a new temporal reality growing toward its childhood at the third and final harvest.  It is at Mabon that we gain the sight with which to recognize the child of the future.  For with some Witches sight is all.     

In the gorgeous glory of Fall, Goddess dons Her gown of russet and gold.  She will dance in mellow sun and creamy moonlight with the toddler whom She calls, Hope.  Her lullabies, sung by starlight, drift on the crisp night air alive with the smell of falling leaves, apples and wood smoke. 

Owl, Her precious familiar, waits at the edge of the veiled forest as Her gown darkens and She transforms into the Crone of Winter in black and royal purple.  Queen of the Witches, She protects the seeds of new life, growth and consciousness below the frozen hem of Her cloak as She and Her companion, the billowing North Wind, clear the way for the new vitality of Tulip Time and the April light of the Maiden Goddess.

As harvest season draws to a close, dressed in Her regal ebony and amethyst gown, She is robed for Samhain the third and greatest harvest. At that time She will begin to inform the new reality in preparation for its meeting with the Virgin Lady of Sunlight at its maturity.  For Her daughters as the Wheel of Life comes full circle at the end of October and the New Year, we will see the spiritual fruits grown from seed planted last Autumn along our path.  We will gather Her gracious bounty, scattering new seed for the next year as we go.  Thus is the Cycle of Life fulfilled in the words of the old ones, As Above So Below. 

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