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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fight Back by Peno Hardesty

perhaps the great flood of biblical lore is upon us----no---nothing to do with angry gods or sailors who build arks---tears mis amigos----tears----persons with disabilities need the community first option of obamacare----persons who are ill deserve medical care---persons who are hungry deserve food---young minds deserve education----families left mourning deserve a country free of senseless gun violence and from the laws that allow killers to walk free---tears---tears from those who are chained-----chained by intolerance and chained by indifference----chained by fear guarded by the fearful----tears flow and begin to fill the valley and the gutter----chains rattle as the chained begin to fight---tears fill the streets ----and the chains rattle against the rising waters of tears----no one dares to resist too hard but there is a sense that resistance is beginning----the haters stand on their balcony--covering their ears to sounds of chains----waters... of tears rising as the chained fear drowning-------there is no moses to part the waters mis amigos----there is only us-----the chains that bind are broken by courage---the courage to face the fearful and step over them ---for it is only their own fear that they guard---------stop reading and pick up the phone---call congress---write your local paper---people are hungry and people are sick----people are dying--

people are scared and people are dying
i am on facebook------

like cinderella
fearing midnight

fuck fear
fight back

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