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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hot August Night in the Tropics by Peno Hardesty

hot august night in the tropics---owls speak from the tree line and a splash in the distance signals the raccoons to chatter and scatter---no one really wants to be gator bait----the tall grass at the woods line begins to move and a cat opens her eyes but decides not to chase---it's hot and sticky ----a glass of iced tea and a cigarette share the steps with me---quiet and serene---sirens and cars speed by----more sirens----darkness is illuminated by the floodlight of the chopper circling overhead---minutes turn to hours and the chopper circles ---even the gators are still---rapid gunfire rings out---silence---more gunfire and more----frozen on the steps i light another cigarette----the dogs are barking but the cats have hidden---i leave the refuge of the porch to answer the calls of the old horse---she is looking up believing the shots are fireworks--which terrify her---as i stand by her side i hear the silence--even the dogs have settled---cars--no lights or sirens this time---seems some good guy with a gun---an AK47---was having a bad evening--he threatened to kill his wife--she got out--SWAT arrived---communications broke down when the good guy with a gun stood at his front door and opened fire on SWAT---SWAT returned fire------but this is fla and fla does not need background checks on private gun sales---this is fla and there is no need for mental health checks---this is fla where almost everyone has an AK47 just because they can----this is fla where the state legislators claim there is no need to review stand your ground laws---this is fla--where the home directly across from the good guy with a gun were evacuated --which is good since the house was hits with several bullets--and a car a few houses down had windows shot out----this is fla--i stopped to get gas on the way home from work and the lady at the next pump asked if i had heard about the shooting---i nodded---she walked over to me as i was getting in my car to show me the gun in her purse---her son had given it to her after the shooting---he has ordered an AK47 but they are in demand so they are on back order----hot august night in the tropics

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