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Monday, August 19, 2013

Early Fall or Not?

The yellow waxy leaves are falling now.  Perennials are dying back for the season.  Roses have bloomed very little this summer owing no doubt to the short spring, if spring you can call it.  Days are hot while the evenings and nights are growing cold.  The Lady’s children are confused; should they prepare to retreat before the coming winter or stay to enjoy the Indian Summer?  We have declared war on the Earth, believing in our arrogance and stupidity that we are her masters.  When all is said and done she will adapt, and she will win – sweeping us away as easily as we destroy her forests and pollute her waters. 

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  1. Hey, first of all, I really love the pictures you're posting. Very pretty :D

    Then... Is it weird that I am really looking forward for autumn to arrive? I don't know how it's been like in your area, but Winter in Austria lasted terribly long this year, Spring practically didn't make an appearance at all and Summer's been wonderful. Still - Autumn is always the time when I feel the deepest connection to Nature, when I can enjoy its beauty the most. Is that weird?
    I wish for the grass to be green again, not that rusty brown tone it got during July. I am longing for rain and all the yellows and reds in the trees. :D