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Monday, August 19, 2013

All I Have Is Yours by Jackie B. Steele

They say to write what you know,
I don't know much, but all I've got is yours,
Grandmother Moon is waxing to full, soon now...
Waves of hot days & Sultry Summer nights rolling in.
Blessings upon the Waters that give their all, and many will be grateful to wade in her offering of renewal & refreshment. Thank you Water,
The Birds are quietly starting to flock. Less Birds this year, less insects, less bats. Prayers for our siblings.
Gentle winds of transition are blowing through the hardwood leaves, singing their song for rain.
The squirrels are gathering acorns as they fall, and other tree fruit & seeds. Rose hips are red and look like tiny apples, as they are all in the family.
Hummingbirds are play fighting and chasing each other around the feeders and flowers that are left. Exercising their tiny wings for the long flight south.
This has been a unique, yet beautiful Summer
I am sharing this simple message with ~Love~ For the Earth
& for all of her children.

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