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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

... Some of Us Are Her Midwifes by Jackie B. Steele

Good Morning People of good intentions,
Drought & Fires to the North, and West, Floods to the South, I have worried for I have Loved ones in both areas, & love the animals.
Lumping hoses around has me busy & sore, yet grateful for some rains, that have graced this place, and that our well is still good. 
Precious waters.... A sweet balance that has been changed, Our Mother will eventually cleanse and heal, some of us are her midwifes.
I am refilling Hummingbird feeders, many of them daily. I feel & can see migrating wildlife is adapting and leaving the smoke & fires of the far North early.
Opened the windows wide to listen in last night, Coyotes howl, some crickets sing, but far less. Toad & Frog songs, far less. The first to respond & suffer in ecosystems growing unhealthy.

Still singing songs of wellness and Balance,
Love where you are the land, even in the Cities, all is sacred.
The cicada's sing, Auntie would say 8 weeks till frost.
Apples and Pears and plums are ripening, Many Bear-ries, wink emoticon
i will try to preserve some, & tuck some apples away for the deer come winter. We over the years have donated many hundreds of pounds of produce to the food shelf, and people pray over that food. This and the animals are the reasons i still hobble out there to tend what i can.
Blessings on you, your hardships, & your ability to adapt & endure.

I love you

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