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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I am Very Grateful by Jackie B. Steele

Good Moon-Day, People of good intentions,
I hope you are well, content, peaceful & know that you ARE love, & loved.
Yes, the Hummingbirds must be migrating from the far north, i had dozens so far this morning, i thought of that line from "Jaws" "yer gonna need a bigger boat" when i saw the dozens waiting and chasing each other for a place on the perch. so from the feeder parts stash, i dug out & put together three more feeders. They empty 5-6 daily, and a few of them twice. 

Wild Rice harvest has also begun in MN, a little Early, Wild Rice is akin to water reed/grass seeds from our lakes. This is a wonderful rice, no gluten...woody taste, yummmm, an autumnal ceremony and winter food for all.

Apples & pears are ripening, as are Rose hips, melons, pumpkins, peppers, green beans, some squash.... oh blessings indeed. & we share many pounds of produce with the food shelf........miigwetch

A fresh Northwest wind, partnered with some rain graced the land & we are cooler by 20 degrees, We will get hot again towards the State Fair. But I am enjoying the respite & lower dew points. We went from 100 to 70's Fahrenheit. ( *"" America said fuck your metric system"** - Wanda Sykessmile emoticon we were too dummied down to change... 

A Nice breeze flows through. Chi - Miigwetch..

The Sumac is starting to turn Red, some, may be heat stress, but like our beautiful world & the song, the season is starting to turn, turn, turn...

Dancing around our Sun-star. "Circling around.... with my tail feathers flying..."

Virgil brought home from the Far North Shore of Lake Superior, where his family lives, fresh smoked Salmon, whitefish, and heirloom Garden Maize. i feel the blessings of the Sky, rains, & Earth, and i am very grateful.

This bounty will be snacks & dinner for a few days & nights. accompanied by Cucumber salad & garden fresh Cantaloupe for dessert from our yard.

Lucky, (my fat cat) & i sampled the smoked whitefish, almost as good as my families from Mille Lacs Lake. Thank you to the Fish, the waters, plant people, spirits, the Earth, those seen & unseen who gather, who prepare & Virgil.

I know these updates are simple, but i live there, & have been told to write what you know. - I Love you.


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    1. Thank You Barbara, I Love you too Sister,

  2. Thank you, Jackie. Your words are delicious!

    1. Thank you Verda, you Barbara & Peno are the Best Authors, so this is very kind..