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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend in the Rabbit Hole by Peno Hardesty

the tiny yellow munchkin is getting along--seems he has some difficulty with the whole walking thing though--he walks on his front legs with his butt and hind legs elevated--he falls---he seems to enjoy being outside for a while where he lifts his head to the sky and sucks the air---he signals he is done with a rather loud meow and then settles in the corner with his mother--

the fla courts upheld the law that forbids a doctor from asking a patient about guns in the home

a young couple from the county north of here were visiting with friends last night when the friend began to show off his gun collection---somehow a 22 hand gun fired-- reportedly at point blank range--- into the head of the young woman---doctors tried to save her unborn baby but at only 5 months gestation he did not make it---neither did she

a small private plane had some trouble and executed a beach landing in the county south of here----a father walking on the beach was killed and his daughter is critical--the occupants of the plane are uninjured----

Charlie the emu from the other side of the woods is fine

an old friend is in shifa----doctor----a little boy woke from
a coma and smiled-----



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