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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Prayed by Peno Hardesty

and so it seems that prayer is once again a part of my conversation---the storms are strong--last night close lightening --blinding rain---powerout----I heard the call a rather frantic call --the dogs woke from their sleep---on the steps so wet was a cat---she showed no fear when the dogs appeared she just kept crying but would not let me near her----I prayed--I prayed not for myself nor my own amusement but I prayed for guidance---I prayed as the rain fell---I prayed as I called the dogs back so that the poor cat could sit under the overhang out of the rain---I prayed as the lightening lit the dark for a moment and I prayed as the rain lightened----the thunder and lightening seemed to move into the distance and the rain although steady was not hard--I prayed as flashlight in hand I stepped outside---I prayed as the cat watched me stand in the rain as she sat under the overhang--I prayed and I listened and I thought---no just imagination---I listened and I walked through the flooded yard toward the gate---sweeping ahead of me with the light---the thunder is closer and the current of rain water is flowing down the street----I paused--water over my ankles and prayed---as I turned to go back inside I took one more look into the darkened street---the lightening struck somewhere with a terrible crash and lit the night---caught in the current of rain water but pressed against a tree I saw something----he is yellow and quite small---dry now and well nursed---mamma waited by the steps until I returned and showed her the soaked kitten---she followed me inside past the dogs and the other cats---she watched as I dried him off and then she settled on my lap and nursed him-----I prayed and I am grateful

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