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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Intuitive Emapthy by Barbara Carvallo

When one follows the Craft of the Wise one is given the gifts one requests.  I was given the gift of healing the Earth.  I am a master gardener and where I plant new life grows by Goddess’s grace.  Each seedling, stem, leaf, bud and bloom is a healing testament to our Great Mother’s fertility, majesty and enduring beauty. 
I asked for and was given the “sight” of my grandmothers and the gift of the empath. They cannot be given back because I must learn their lessons.  Like it or not, it was my choice.  If I could choose to return one it would the gift of intuitive empathy.  This world is so full of pain and suffering that at times I am overwhelmed with a deep abiding sorrow, chocked with grief and paralyzed with a dreadful lassitude that is not mine.
I believe that Goddess gives us each a light with which to follow our chosen path.  That light appears to embrace the snow when winter’s moon is full; is the candlelight on the altar and the starlight dancing through the trees.  It is the sunrise, the sunset and the rebirth of the sun at Winter Solstice or Pagan Yule.  Instead of Christmas, many who follow the old ways celebrate the old holiday.  After all, it was ours first.

For some reason at this time of year there is an oppressive feeling of great sadness, great longing and regret.  At times like this when I am so wounded and exhausted that I can barely see the path, all I can do is trust in Goddess’s light with faith that it will lead to the end of my path at the end of my days where all lessons are learned and wisdom grows in the fertile soil of understanding.

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