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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Morning by Jackie B. Steele

The hush of a cold Peri - dawn morning. Seven degrees F, & the Earth sparkles with a crystalline shawl. The Crows are cawing thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, for the remains of the "IN house spirit bowl" with my thank you to the life sacrificed to feed us, the day before and refresh daily. No one has touched Dukes Spirit bowl of feed, even though I put some out each dusk in other areas for the Fox. The Eagles were fishing the last open areas on the lake yesterday, that I know are delicately iced over today, they will hunt the fields now or fly to the Rivers for better fishing. The long dark, trusting our inner sight, Owl Medicine, the magical glowing eyes of predator & Prey. The brilliance of Star Nation twinkling in the crisp air. Observing the Nearly Quarter Moon Gracing the West, when i look at her shape, knowing the Sun is now In Sagittarius, and the Moon nearly in a square & waning to New on December 2, recalling the Constellations that square Sag, and realize it is Virgo for Waning, (Pisces if Waxing)and near square, is Leo. So the Moon is in Leo. Both Sun & Moon in Fire element this Sunday Morning. I am Grateful. You are full of Greatness also, I Love you~& the Sparkling long dark.& Hot Coffee this new day Good Morning Good People.

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