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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Things That Seperate US by Laurie Zanardelli

I know that most of us have all been there, that time when a close relative decides that scorning the path you've chosen for yourself is what they think will 'shame' you to come back to that alleged 'true' religion.

I've been through this scenario with my brother for years. He still refuses to accept that I am a Witch, and constantly insists that I'm not serious, and will come to my senses.

Therefore, it's not surprising that we do not talk very much any more. Granted, we do now and again, but only to discuss family his kids are doing, just general things that skitter around the big issue that divides us.

It's depressing for me, as he wants to know nothing of how I came to my decision to be a Witch, what I believe, or anything remotely connected with it. Initially I tried to give him an idea, but that was quickly brushed off and the subject changed. He is so staunch in his Lutheranism that he can't see beyond Martin Luther's thesis'.

I dislike the division, it separates us as siblings and I know my mother would not have wanted this. She would have been a buffer sorely needed, but a buffer that is no longer here to smooth the ragged edges of our relationship.

My mom was a beautiful woman, so full of love and life. I know the Goddess smiled on her. I also know that my mother would have accepted me for what I have chosen to be, something my brother never will.

So, how does one deal with a close relative that can not and will not open themselves up enough to even try to understand? I don't know anymore. The relationship we had as siblings when we were younger is no more. I mourn it's loss, though I know that somewhere in this there is a lesson that must be learned.

I think I'm halfway to understanding it, but by no means am I all the way there.'

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