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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

“Circle” by Jackie B. Steele

To the Eastern Sky & the Sun’s light rise
Sisters with Red/Yellow corn silk hair.
The Lady of the Lake, holds out for us to take
A sword or arrow of reason,
“Be true to your word and let it be heard”
While the pipe players make smoke & song
Of Air upon Air
Our Daughters dance in the jingle dress
Upon these winds, Spring fertility begins.

As we Face the South
& the Fire of Summer’s growth
Many Sisters standing proudly there
Oh Sisters, With Black Tree Root hair
They give Tree staffs for us to hold
To tap the Fire of Courage and Earth,
To warriors now grown, they’ll give lance or bow
To bravely call on their honor.
We are tapping the Earth & Singing her Fire.

To the West we now face
Full Moon sets in Autumns Grace.
Maidens now Mothers, with dark hair grown quite long
A Cup she gives out, kindred of her womb
To catch the Waters of body, soul & Sky
Giving birth to a balance
Of Honor and humility
& warriors a place to cry.
Waters for the lands, the rains dance
And a Mother weeps with love.
A sacred Grail indeed

The North Crone waits
Near Winters gate
With glowing Silver White hair
The lines in her face hold
All the stories we’ve told
About life, fair or unfair
She holds up a shining reflective shield
For all that we sought, the battles we fought,
The Adventures we’ve danced and held dear
She whispers on the North Winds,
“Balance the Drama with Mirth”
“Give this Joy to the Earth”
& she laughs a hearty laugh.
She gives us the shining shield
A simple Mirror she did yield
“The Great Mystery has Always been within”
She smiles and walks softly away, on Death’s Snow
Pushing a baby’s carriage towards Spring.

Prose & Photo: Jackie B. Steele

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