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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Isis' Iris

This is the tall, bearded Iris.  She takes her name from her graceful falls.  Her standards are upright and elegant.  This is a rhizome as opposed to a bulb, that is to say that her roots are large and tuberous spreading out in all directions.  She is generally divided every three to five years to contain her growth.  It is not a good idea to plant the Iris near roses or any other plant whose water and food supply she might interfere with.  

She is sacred to the Goddess Isis, particularly in her blue and purple presentation.  From mid-spring to early summer she blooms prolifically – each year producing more and more blooms.  There is also a variety of Iris that re-blooms in fall.  They will be marked accordingly. 
At Full Moon she is a wonderful addition to the altar during ritual invocation of the Great Mother.  Her fragrance is warm and sensual.  She comes in myriad colors and variations.  In the symbolism of flowers, I believe that the Iris represents the pregnant womb of the Goddess gestating the world, both above and below, seen and unseen. 

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