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Monday, April 9, 2012


The Goddess Brigit emerges from the shadow of winter. She carries Her water jug as if to dip it into a well. All wells are sacred to Brigit. They are openings in the body of the Great Goddess, Gaia, from which we take Her blood the water that sustains our life.

Brigit is the Lady of the Sacred Flame – the light of creativity and inspiration. She at once creates the flowers and inspires them to bloom. Beside Her stand the Fae tending the tiny Forget-Me-Not plants at Her feet. The blue of their miniature flowers is the clear blue of an April sky. The green of their foliage is the sweet color of new life. They will pass through the seasons, flowers fading and leaves dying back, only to emerge once again in the light of Goddess’ inspiration.

Witches know nothing about angry, warring Gods. We only know the Goddess and the magic cycles of Her life which are the cycles of our own. From Spring to Spring we are one. As Brigit is one with Gaia, so we are one with each other. Blessed Be.

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