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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mabon Message - Fearing the Worst

In the long darkness of Winter we remember the lush blooms of spring and summer; the golden mornings and sweet lavender evenings of Autumn. Just as we remember the crisp and tranquil beauty of the deep and even snow of Winter in the howling winds of Spring; the blistering heat of Summer or the prolonged dryness of an elusive Autumn. Goddess gave us memory so we may appreciate what we have when it is behind us, knowing full well that it will come again. This is Her Wheel of Life.

I fear there is a time coming when Pagan people will once again be at grave risk. This will be a time when the haters, the impostures, the ideologues and the propagandist hold sway. Our beliefs, life styles and morality will be demonized, and we will be blamed for the ills of the world that they are destroying. They will think of us, as they always have, as easy targets. Since by their dim lights our values and faith are so far out of the mainstream we fit nicely into the skin of that ridiculous goat from the Old Testament.

We need to begin to stand tall and together now. Our bonds and networks must be strengthened. Before the time is upon us we must commence to raise power to protect ourselves, to assert our ideals – ethically, socially, politically and economically. We must remember so the time of relative safety, like the seasons, will come again.

Nothing and no one escapes Her Wheel. If only the oppressors, the fanatics and the fools could understand how insignificant, how impermanent they are. Pray Goddess they learn.

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