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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blessed Be by Barbara Carvallo

The Butterfly is a spiritual symbol of grace, tenderness and the Divine Feminine.  A guide on our journey of ascension from the past to the enlightened awareness of our future, she represents the possibility of change.  Freedom is something that cannot be given or taken.  Spiritual freedom, the liberty of the soul, is a state of Goddess’ grace.  No human agency can interfere with the inner life of the sage and seeker after knowledge.  There is a world that isn’t visible to the eye, a music that can’t be heard by the ear and a life that exists eternally past the Sacred Veil of the Crone.  The butterfly moves between that world and this, she sings that music to the flowers and makes them open their faces to the sun.  The Crone holds the Veil between our worldly vision and the higher soul that aids us on our path from birth to death, from caterpillar to pupa and out of our chrysalis to become the winged spirit moving toward the source where our gorgeous wings are painted with the essence of what we are and the wisdom we have gather from life to life.     
Blessed Be.

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