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Sunday, April 24, 2016


my rock walked on---few years ago-----always there----always telling me to get over it we have work to do-----leader of the fla coalition to stop gun violence-----i still miss his nightly calls--
-did you feed the damn horse---
i did
-good it's late---i'm tired----good night----
-cared enough for all those years to make sure i was safely in the house
my friend is preparing to walk on----we share a love for pink princess phones and mill ponds----she never asked what i was just encouraged me to be who i was
my mentor walked on---few months ago----- always there----i was depressed and sick told her i thought it was time so i sang my song---she said yea i heard you it was the wrong damn song and you sang off key----just fuckin stop it----we have work to do-----she was the fla leader of the american indian movement----she taught me to dance when i couldn't hear the music
i was feeling lonely so i took the old blind pig for an evening walk---beautiful evening-----my mentor and i had talked about making a plant tower out of old plastic jugs---we never got around to it---but when she crossed i made the tower---such as it is----i put in the seeds and the tomato grew----never watered just gave them a cup of coffee every day---my mentor demanded it---we laughed ----the buds were bright yellow strong---beautiful----i only turned my back for a minute----the old blind pig was gone---there he is----eating the last of the beautiful coffee fed tomato plants-----i planted more seed today and sat back and laughed----i knew i was not laughing alone-----
circles mis amigos circles---we are never so far ahead nor so far behind that we do not cross paths and laugh

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