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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn by Jackie B. Steele

I hope you are well & content, and you are able to feel or share some kindness and love this day. 
A Beautiful peak color Autumnal week end. South winds are blowing and the leaves dance a laughing rattle & humm, and many give in to the Warm winds and fly spirally up and away delighted by those in the current with them. I am heading out there soon...grateful just to be a part of all there is for another moment, Nature's migrations, her Autumnal celebrations and sacrifice, the ripened fruit, leaves and seeds fall. 

The Sun's warmth feels good this time of year. Healing and comforting. Animals scurry to gather food stuff and build Winter homes, & fill caches.
Dark of the Moon near by, Crones time out in the beginning of the long dark. 
New Moon on Monday, Both the Sun & Moon in Libra.
i love you, grateful, & delighted with most of whom are in "the current" with us.


  1. Thank you, Jackie, for your splendid words and glorious pictures. Love the portrait!

  2. HA! Thank you so Much Verda,
    Most people didn't see the portrait, because I intentionally uploaded it last.
    Our Beloved Barbara Outted me, & I really Love her for it,
    Thank you all, Sisters