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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Faith I Follow by Barbara Carvallo

The faith I follow is a loving and gentle faith.  There is no demand for suffering or sacrifice – in blood or any other medium.  Indeed, to me sacrifice simply means to make sacred not to forfeit or lose.  I have no use for revenge, retribution or cruelty.  I do not engage in forgiveness because I do not engage in blame.  My belief in the Great Goddess is also a belief in the Universal Law of Karma; accordingly, I understand that I have earned both the good and the bad in my lives past, present and future.  I know that each of us enters this world having chosen our beginning, middle and end.  We are here to learn and to teach not to judge and to punish.  By the Grace of the Goddess my journey and path move toward consciousness and enlightenment.  My religion is based upon life, not death.  The concept of the murder of an innocent to redeem the sins of the foolish is dumbfounding to me.  The idea that such an innocent would be carried down through the centuries on the shoulders of the greedy and the profane like a mascot which informs and excuses all manner of crime is obscene in my mind.  To walk in honor and dignity, striving to give love and compassion through the creation of beauty in all its forms is the Holy Charge and Covenant of my Goddess.  I do not know, nor will I accept any other faith.  Blessed be.

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