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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Goddess by Barbara Carvallo

Goddess of Spring withdraws with the last golden dawn of Her season.  Goddess of Summer, the Great Mother, arrives with the rich glow of the first warm and balmy morning sun.  Not bound by calendars, She will remain until the Crone, Hecate, appears dressed in ebony and purple to herald in the end of harvest time and the coming Winter. 

In Autumn Mother dresses Herself in rusty reds and burnished earth tones to signal the time of gathering; but in Summer She wears the many exciting and exotic colors of the Rose, the Blacked-Eyed-Susan, the Phlox, the Day Lily and her late blooming cousin the Asiatic, the Agastache, the Delphinium, the Gaillardia, the Poppy Mallow, the flowering herbs and more. 

The Viola and the Pansy whisper Her many names with sweet breath and loving care.   Her magick is in the air swelling steadily as the hands of the clock turn sunup to sunup.  At night under the silver moon, and particularly when it is full, the Witches gather to make Her Craft and Holy Will manifest.  We are the protectors and stewards of Her Earth and all Her creatures.  Blessed Be.

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