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Thursday, May 21, 2015

I am Witch by Barbara Carvallo

As pertains to a conversation with my dear sister, Jackie.

The Pagan view that I have always subscribed to is that a virgin is not a woman who has never screwed, but a woman who has never been screwed over.  She is not a woman who has never taken a lover; she is a woman who has never taken a master.  Further, the societal slop that women are expected to support out of some kind of genetically predestined need to swallow such swill makes my teeth ache; to wit: forgiveness, self love and self loathing.

I have said before and will say again; as a lifelong Pagan and devout follower of the Great Goddess, I don’t engage in forgiveness because I don’t engage in blame.  We all have our Karmic dance to do.  So dance on; but if in dancing with you I find that my feet are crushed, I must dance away and not look back.  For without my feet I can’t walk my path.  It is the Goddess' job to forgive, and to teach us all how to dance. 

One loves oneself because one is the child of the Goddess.  We are the stuff of Her dreams, materialized in magic on the surface of Her body to steward and defend this Earth and all Her creatures.  To loath oneself is to loath the Goddess, and this condition is usually a pernicious spiritual anemia born of exposure to the propaganda of a vicious and cruel patriarchy that transformed the Great Goddess into the Whore of Babylon, Mary Magdalene of the Gnostic Scriptures into a common prostitute and all women into a convenient source of evil to be dominated for the “good” of the race. One of the challenges of the Pagan woman’s path is to identify the stones of this rigid and deadly ideology, then to toss them aside so that we might move forward toward enlightenment unhindered.  We all do the best we can with Her help.

Thus, I like many of my sisters will not accept a faith, creed, path or world view that exposes my soul and my allegiance to the Goddess to harm or destruction.  I am Witch empowered in Her sight and by Her grace to live out my life as best it honors Her will and wisdom.  We Witches have always been and always will be.  No fire will ever burn hot enough or long enough to consume the Craft of the Wise.  Blessed be.

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