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Sunday, December 14, 2014


see----long long ago little wibble wobbles---oh I am sorry----wibble wbbles is a unicorn---a rather tiny unicorn---and his horn is on his nose so he had trouble learning to walk and balance and all------long long ago wibble wobbles met santa clause---santa did not mind that wibble wobbles wobbled a bit-----santa could see that wibble wobbles was lonely---and shy and tiny-----but wibble wobbles loved to sing---just sing and sing---but with a horn on your nose sometimes the singin' ain't so good---so wibble wobbles just sang to the trees and the wind-- santa took wibble wobbles one Christmas eve on a special flight---all the way to florida usa------it was a cold night even in florida but the sky was clear and the stars were very bright so santa's sleigh could hide among them----down below there was a clubhouse where a little family was singing----the little boy played the keyboard---and although he had no horn on his nose he could not sing so good but it was the most beautiful music that wibble wobbles had ever heard---santa explained to wibble wobbles that the music came from the heart of the little boy-- so good ---so true ---a little boy who believed in magic people and love ------believing is the music----wibble wobbles wrote a note to the little boy that very night---in crayon---and even though some words were misspelled and some letters were backwards it was a magic letter because it was written with love----believing is the magic------wibble wobbles still rides with santa on christmas eve--and sings to the stars--and still wibble wobbles sees the little boy--- now all grown up with a little girl of his own---and the magic that was in the letter from wibble wobbles---the words- the love --the giving-- are in the heart of the little girl- and the little girl --although she has no horn on her nose does not sing but she draws the music and she writes the music and the music is beautiful------because that is how love grows and magic shines and dreams become real----believing is the love and love is...............................................

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