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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Watching the Eagles Soar by Jackie B. Steele

Hot or cold, rich or poor, less or more. Today i will just watch the eagles soar.
Just in between, not a healer or a preacher, not a prophet or even very smart. I know who i am... though, and life is my art.
I will not make any commitments right now, i am changing woman like the Earth. Each day has held a surprise of late, of someone who needed an ear, a hug, a touch of humanity. Someone to walk into the fire with them.
Or a dying mouse or bird that needed the grace of the crones touch, to leave the pain behind.
I will do what I can including honoring the child within me that has longed to just be, for a very long time. Including my own health.
I am sorry if i have hurt you, sometimes i spread myself too thin. Keeping my word is important, and why i will often just say no. This can be more responsible for how i work with life. My work is only as good as my word. In what others would call prayer, I express gratitude for the beauty and love within life & in having what is needed to "Make it So" or accept not doing 'so'. & living with that. Allowing leverage for the priorities that life gifts me to tend to, and grow with.
Although i really do love you, as i circle around, & round, like the Mother's dance, i keep it easy for me to be found. Because sometimes i can't find my own car.

Although I really loved Doug's post regarding prayer, the one that Started with Robbie Robertson's "GHOST DANCE" lyrics, so i will share some of it, leaving out his signature, cuz I am dancin as fast as i can cowboy, ;-)

Doug Luzar:
"You can kill my body, you can damn my soul,
For not believin' in your God and some world down below
but,You don't stand a chance against my prayers
You don't stand a chance against my love"

Robbie Robertson..."Ghost Dance".......Prayer is putting Love in Action thru Our Thoughts and Deeds. When you Pray you must use All of who You Are to bring about Transformation. Prayer clears the Way, removing the unimportant, leaving Us in the presence of Spirit, allowing us to focus on Our Gifts, and what is Real and True, and of Value. It is the fuel that Feeds Our Sacred Fire that Burns in Our Heart that was lit from the Fires of Creation.

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