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Friday, July 6, 2012

As the Moon Grows Dark

As the Moon grows dark,
            The Goddess gives birth to new possibilities gestated in swollen fullness,
            The Goddess nurtures a world full of new hopes and dreams, siblings of all possibilities.
As the Moon grows dark,
            I look back in the Goddess’ silver light and growing shadow to the path I have traveled,
            I look forward in waning radiance and deepening mystery to the path ahead.
As the Moon grows dark,
            The lessons learned shimmer on the whitewater streaming beside me to my right,
            The lessons to be learned whisper from the dense forest of the unconscious to my left.
As the Moon grows dark,
            I see and sense Goddess’ newly birthed and splendid possibilities,
            I give thought and voice to a Her world full of immaculate hopes and dreams.
As the Moon grows dark,
            The gift I offer in return is devotion to Her Craft practiced with or without ceremony,
            The path I walk and lessons I have learned were ordained in Her sight and by Her grace.

The Herban Goddess, © 2012

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